Falcon over man’s head on ice-cream with sprinkles of bunnies.

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Photo 5-5-2014, 11 40 10 AM_585px

Personal illustration. From a silly afternoon doodle, I wanted to see it finished with colour and cleaner lines. Digital, May 2014.
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Duality, an art experiment at The East Van Studios art show.

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The words I interpreted from Louise Burns for my Duality art show piece “Your lungs reverberate like a gunshot from a conquistador straight tween’ your death valley eyes”. Had a great time chatting about music with the talented Louise Burns and hope to watch her perform at one of her future shows soon!

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We’re proud to have been part of this amazing show called Duality, An Art Experiment project by the talented photographer, Shannyn Higgins and designer Erica Wilk. The show opened last night at the East Van Studios and continues on today. The show consists of 25 artists and interpreting words from 25 writers, poets and songwriters. It was great to see so many new and familiar faces under one roof celebrating art and culture. We need more events like this in Vancouver! Big ups to the girls Shannyn Higgins and Erica Wilk for pulling off such a successful show.

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Wrapping up the metal mural project. One panel at a time.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.44.41 PM
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After 180+ hours of studio time and 25+ hours of prep work (Thanks Freshbooks!), our KGMS large scale mural project with Henriquez Partners Architects is finally wrapping up. We’ve spent the past few days packaging all 15 panels up for final art delivery for Tuesday morning. We’ve got exactly 5 more panels to package up for tomorrow but we’re excited that it’s finally finished. This project was a bigger undertaking than we originally thought and have learned a ton from working with such large scale metal panels along with using enamel paints and in combination with KRINK markers and spray paint (KRINK and MOLOTOW markers apparently don’t work well on spray painted surfaces. Who knew!). We’ll be sure to post more photos up once it’s installed at the Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School location. We’re also very thankful to have had Albert Law document the whole project which we’ll post on this site soon.

For now, check out some of the panels in the studio and them getting packaged. A video will also be available to show our production process. Read More »

A month in the making and still going.

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We’ve been busy painting each giant metal panel by hand for the past month and we’re making progress in finishing all 15 panels as there only a few left. The whole process has taken a lot longer than we thought due to the enamel paints we’ve been using. Enamel is what old sign painters used to use and although it takes forever for this stuff to dry it is still worth the extra effort since they’re made to last for a very long time outdoors.

We’re also really excited to have Albert Law come in to document the whole behind the scenes process. Check out his photography work at albertlaw.ca

This is a project with Henriquez Partners Architects in Vancouver | http://henriquezpartners.com/

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We got good ink on the Vancouver Sun today.

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We’re very proud and happy to be featured on the Vancouver Sun (Under breaking news A3 to be exact) today. As small business owners, we really appreciate every piece of exposure we get from the media.

To extend the story of the article, we really love Vancouver despite what other people think. Quite often, we hear people say “yeah, Vancouver is beautiful but it’s too sleepy and too small…blah blah blah” but we beg to differ.

This city is humming with entrepreneurial energy and if you look beyond the surface (of just beautiful mountains and oceans) you’ll find a very engaged and innovative community that are building world class brands and products. From innovative bike helmets to tech companies like Hootsuite, we have it all. We’re really proud to be part of this community of creative tinkerers and entrepreneurs. We’re in for the long haul and we’re not going to stop innovating, building and playing in this city we call home. Big thanks again to the Vancouver Sun for interviewing us and giving us the shine on our small business.

For the full article visit: http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/Acclaimed+Vancouver+illustrator+makes+mark+worldwide+with+photos/9665690/story.html

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Artful education. A metal mural project.

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Photo 3-12-2014, 2 54 58 PM

For the past few weeks we’ve been intensely working away on a project for Henriquez Partners Architects for Kenneth Gordan Maplewood School (KGMS) as they are expanding their alternative high school program in North Vancouver. The project consists of fifteen aluminum 4′ x 8′panels, each weighing at 45 lb. each. This is the largest mural project we’ve ever taken on and we’re very excited about it.

We’re very honoured to be working with the highly regarded and award winning architecture firm, Henriquez Partners Architects on this project. In the next few weeks we’ll be working tirelessly at the studio and will be documenting as much of our process as possible. Follow our Instagram and Twitter accounts for daily updates.

Check out the blog post from Henriquez Partners Architects here.
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Artist series for Mogo VISA cards.

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We’re proud to be part of Mogo’s artist series cards. The Mogo Card is a load up and use credit card to help people control their spending. We’ve created two illustrations for Mogo. The whole process took over a year because of our work load and timing. The artist series cards are a limited run of only 5000 per card so get yours today.

Feeling a little studious? Here’s my short interview with the fine folks at Mogo: http://blog.mogo.ca/chairman-ting-interview-mogo-card/#.UyQPrWRdViz

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