There’s a monster in all of us. Commissioned mural for The Vancouver Opera.

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A new commissioned mural to help promote #StickBoyOpera by Shane Koyczan for the The Vancouver Opera. The campaign created by DDB Canada asked a collection of Artists to tell their own story based on the theme “There’s a monster in all of us“.

My mural called ‘Internal Battle‘ is my portrayal of the bully (the monster).
Children often fight their own internal battles, either big or small. For really troubled kids, that can become an external struggle that ultimately leads to their transition into an aggressor, a bully, a monster. It’s a vicious cycle, one that ends up with many victims including the bully themselves. Read More »

Experimenting with the Pixelstick. First test.

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We finally got our Pixelstick in the mail a few weeks ago but never had the chance to even open the box until last week. We fell in love with the product the first time we saw it on Kickstarter. We backed this project last year. Here are a few images that we produced. Read More »

A panel expert for Computer Arts, Illustration Annual 2014

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I’m really proud and flattered to be invited as one of the panel experts for this year’s illustration annual for Computer Arts magazine from the U.K. “The most inspiring illustration from the world’s leading creatives”. Not only am I really happy to have nominated one of our most favourite artists Tristan Eaton to be featured in the magazine but he also got selected to be this year’s front cover!  

Here’s my quote in the magazine: “I fell in love with Tristan’s work the first time I saw it. In particular, his mural work in New York called Audrey of Mulberry really stood out to me. All the interesting and unexpected textures of layering in his work draws your attention to his detail and craft. Tristain’s work is both refreshing and exciting.” 

Be sure to pick one up as there are a ton of other new and amazing illustrators that I’ve never seen are featured in this year’s annual. Congrats to all the featured illustrators. This year’s panel of experts include Jessica Walsh, Gary Taxali and Ollie MundenRead More »

What’s the big idea? An editorial illustration commission for BC Business magazine

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We’re proud to be commissioned for the latest BC Business magazine editorial illustration called ‘What’s the Bid Idea? Seven Leaders Share Their Secret to Success“. We’ve posted some of the rough concept sketches prior to client approvals to share some of our work process. Hope you like our latest set of illos! Read More »

Digital Mayhem, a NOISE office mural.

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A few months ago we were commissioned by NOISE, a full service ad agency in Yaletown. This project took several months to complete due to busy schedules and nailing down a concept that the folks at NOISE liked. We stormed up over 10 concept illustrations before landing on this one. We’ll be sure to share some of those concepts on our blog in the next couple of weeks while we put together a wrap up video. More photos. Read More »

Large Scale Metal Mural Project for Henriquez Partners Architects

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And finally, here’s our wrap up video for our KGMS Large scale mural project for Henriquez Partners Architects in Vancouver that we finished a few months ago. This was definitely one of the biggest and hardest mural projects we’ve worked on to date but also equally as rewarding. With happy clients and work we’re proud of, we’d love to share the final video here on our site.

We’d also love to give a big shout out to Kenji and Joanna for assisting us for the few days before their trip to Japan, Edwin Cheng and Sophia Tong for priming the panels and Bertrand Joyal for all your advice. This was a commissioned mural project by Henriquez Partners Architects for the Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School in North Vancouver. The project took over 200 hours to finish 15 4′ x 8′ aluminum panels. We used Montana Gold spray paint, 1Shot enamels, DTM primers and paint, KRINK and Molotow markers to create the final artwork all by hand.

Photo credit: Albert Law Photography



Read More »

We’re featured in the latest Applied Arts Magazine.

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We’re extremely happy and honoured to have been featured in the latest issue of Applied Arts. We’ve always been a big fan of this publication for well over a decade. We still remember flipping page after page of brilliant creativity, art and design and being completely inspired by all the work in the book back when we were just students. Slowly over the years we began to have our work featured in Applied Arts but to have an editorial piece written about our studio is just absolutely fantastic! Click here for the full article story.

Big thanks to Elizabeth Eames for making the trek out to our studio that day and spending the time to interview us and taking the time to learn about our journey to making it out on our own. Read More »