SOLD OUT. Creative Mornings talk Feb 7 in Vancouver.

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I’ve been invited to do a Creative Mornings talk this Friday. The theme is REBEL. Registration is today @ 11am via but has already been sold out in first 2 min! Thanks for everyone’s support as always and I look forward to meeting you all this week. Cheers!

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Thank you 2013. You’ve been good to us.

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What a year! 2013 was a very important year for us as this was the year where we truly went independent for the first time since opening our doors as a part time experimental creative workshop back in 2008. Through this little creative indie workshop, we worked hard throughout the night and weekends to try new techniques and refine our craft on very select projects while Carson still worked as an art director during the day. This duo life as an artist at night and art director by day lasted for 4 years until the end of 2012 where we finally made the leap to run our company full time.

This year we travelled far and wide. Shooting our independent documentary in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Hawaii, guest lecturing at the Montserrat College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts, artist signing event at kidrobot in New York, Art show collab party in Toronto, judging the Ad Rodeo in Calgary and working with clients in Seattle, LA and Texas really made this year a special one for us. We’re very grateful for everyone who believed in us and allowed us to really flex our creative muscle, whether it’s a mural, a microsite, animation, illustration, photography, or just a silly doodle, we had a ton of fun.

We hope to continue working on projects we believe in and helping others along the way to build even greater creative work for 2014.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends at TAXI Vancouver, Spencer and Bloom, Whole Foods, Microsoft, Hootsuite, DDB Canada, The Canadian Tourism Commission, Kidrobot New York and Boulder, Digital Kitchen Seattle, Creature Seattle, Mini Shatsu LA, Edelman, Goo Media, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Montserrat College of Art, BC Business magazine, 123 West, We The Collective design and our friends Jeff Hamada, Henry Chu, Francis Lam, Clay Rochemont, Ryan Holmes, Patricia Seto, Maggie Cavallo, Eugene Kan, Just Williet, Wu Yue, Andrew Bell, Nathan Jurevicius, and more for helping us out in many different ways or with our independent documentary film this year.

Signing off here in Hong Kong. See you all in 2014!

The Picnic Art Table, a commissioned art project.

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The Picnic Art Table was a commissioned art project by the good folks at We The Collective, a design agency based in Railtown, Vancouver, B.C. The table took roughly 24 hours to complete from start to finish using various acrylics and markers.

When I was first approached by Jeremy Burrows of We The Collective to work on this project, I jumped to it with excitement because I’ve always loved the idea of doodling on a table. I’ve secretly mastered this craft as an epically failing young student in school. I’m sure all my school teachers can attest to this. Instead of a failing report card and a suspension letter, I received a gainfully handsome cheque for my services. I can now safely say I got my last word with my high school principal, Mr. Hill. Read More »

We’re back in Hong Kong for the next little while

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We’ve been back in the bustling streets of Hong Kong for over 3 weeks now which is why we’ve been a little quiet and less active on our site and our Twitter and Instagram feeds. We’re back for a bit of family and work until mid Jan. We have a few exciting projects we’re part of which we’ll announce earlier next year. For now stay tuned for more updates on our site and Read More »

Be a Giving Hero. Give for Youth campaign by Microsoft.

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Techwiser in action 2013

Last month we’ve been busy helping Microsoft create super heroes to launch their Give for Youth Campaign called #GivingHero. We’re really honoured and proud to be invited by Microsoft to help on such an amazing cause. Donations to the Giving Heroes Fund will be allocated among non-profit organizations that are important to the Microsoft community. Microsoft’s Youth Spark programs focus on youth ages 6-24 and provide valuable support in the areas of job training & preparedness, continuing education, and/or entrepreneurship. The Giving Heroes Fund will support thirty programs important to Microsoft employees in honor of #GivingTuesday. Read More »

Sneak peek commissioned art project.

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More to come post October 17th. Video and story will be posted here. Stay tuned for more. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

A photo walk through a dark and foggy evening.

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When I saw the thick fog rolling into Coal Harbour from the west last week, I got really excited about the photo opp I was going to get from my balcony but after a few uninspiring shots I quickly realized that I need to be on the ground shooting.
It didn’t take long before I took my gear for a solid 2 hour solo photo walk around my neighbourhood for long exposures. Read More »